Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Multiple Ways to Multiply

The information in this post is part of a presentation from William Lacefield, Mercer University, entitled Exploring Multiple Ways to Multiply: Ideas to Engage All Learners
at NCTM Annual Meeting 2013 in Denver, CO.

With the later introduction of the traditional multiplication algorithm, educators need to present alternative ways and models to students to learn the concept of multiplication.

Here are some awesome ways to explore multiplication. The topics came from the presentation listed above as well as some videos I found to explain the topics we discussed.

Base 10 Blocks and Window Multiplication

Multiplication Using Expanded Form/Distributive Property

Ancient Egyptian Multiplication

Russian Peasant Method of Multiplication

Friday, April 12, 2013

Learn Zillion

Learn Zillion is a free resource for teachers and families. ELA and Math standards are available and sorted by domain, standard and grade level. The videos are clear and colorful. Occasional text is provided when introducing each topic. There appears to be the capability to link students with teachers.

The Common Core Navigator is definitely worth exploration. The work is separated for grades K-8; clicking on a grade band will open up to the various clusters and standards as well as the linked videos.

Click here to view the lesson site:

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Georgia Math Education Wikis and Listservs

Georgia is really rockin’ when it comes to communication regarding math education. The wikis do not need login information and they are separated in bands. They also have email distribution lists which are free to participate.

Georgia Math Wikis:
K-5 Math Wiki:
6-8 Math Wiki:
Algebra & Geometry Wiki:

To join the listserv, send a blank email to the appropriate address(es) below.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

MathOps: Targeted Math Instruction

MathOps provides targeted instruction on algebra concepts. The site offers free and paid subscriptions. The following link contains over 100 free videos exclusively on algebraic concepts:

What I love about this site that other sites don’t offer are the accompanying text for each video and the opportunity to flip through instruction without confusion. The information is clear and easy to understand. From the videos that I have viewed, all the text is typed which provide clarity for reading and for copying notes. Some videos also offer quizzes at the end of each video.  

This is an excellent resource for differentiating instruction in the classroom, especially if your school allows electronic devices, tablets, or e-readers.